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Globally for the Healthy, Happy & optimum Quality of Life, Physiotherapy profession has the endless & unparallel important role in the total health care.

In the competitive world, for the real existence and survival of the different diseases & disorders, people need to be healthy & fit throughout the life.  This healthy life becomes affected by multiple reasons such as non-communicable diseases, disorders, road traffic accidents, the upward trend of aging population, low lifestyle level, climate changes,  natural and human-created disasters, social & political crisis etc. As a result, affected people suffer in different types of pain, paralysis, physical disability as well various movement dysfunctions those account a huge burden for patient’s himself or herself, family, society, and state.  These reasons directly affect our body mobility, strength & stamina and badly jeopardize our lifestyle and we face difficulties in daily activities even we can also become physically dependent.  Evidently, it is proven that physiotherapists /physiotherapy doctors have a key role in enabling disabled people and patients with movement-related disorders to make them physically independent, improving their quality of life as well functional abilities, more social participation and overall to reduce healthcare cost. As these are completely movement or mechanical problems and  Physiotherapy is a mechanism based treatment with the strong scientific approach to solve these and lead to quick recovery for healthy & happy life.

Due to essentiality, necessity and holistic importance, the revolution of the physiotherapy profession has been established globally. So it is highly recognized around the world and 1921 to till now from Harvard Medical Schools to thousand worlds ranked universities have been operating doctor of physiotherapy, Ph.D. in physiotherapy, master of physiotherapy, bachelor of physiotherapy degrees. Universities are the highest concerned authority through the Government to recognize any treatment approach degrees. But in Bangladesh, it is very much unfortunate that Physiotherapy has no recognition, no regulatory body, no national institution, no government post though physiotherapy department was started during 1960 in Dhaka Medical College Hospital by late Prof Abul Hossain and physiotherapy degree education was started in NITOR(Pongu Hospital) under medicine faculty of Dhaka University by late Prof Ronald J Gurst in 1973 and still going on. Zero cooperation from Government and within various limitations even though more than 2 thousand physiotherapy doctors have been practicing their learned knowledge, skills and rendering physiotherapy treatments in private setting with utmost sincerity and excellent patients rapports for more than fifty years.

Concerning the public health and reduce the huge burden, it is high time to ensure & fill up the deserved fundamental rights of millions of patients and thousands of physiotherapy doctors. We are demanding and highly interested to work with the Government to establish Bangladesh College of Physiotherapy, to create government jobs with proper status as well as to create a regulatory body or council to provide guidance and discipline to the profession all over the country. We are very much concerned that it is quite impossible to meet the demand of physiotherapy for the general people without having Government initiatives & supports.

Dr.Dolilur Rahman
Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association(BPA)

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As like CSP, UK; BPA is the only professional, educational and trade representative body for Physiotherapists all over Bangladesh. Govt. of BD has issued its licence as an only professional body to represent Physiotherapy Practice and trade together.

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